5 Things that you cannot do in Dubai

Things To AVoid

The United Arab Emirates might be on the top list of tourism but has many restrictions that are strictly prohibited. If the rules are violated, then you need to pay it back through serving jail or paying fines. When it comes to the administration, Dubai admirations are not less than British administration. It is super exclusive and rough in nature. They have a very well organized attorney system for the healthy running of the nation’s judiciary. This article speaks about the things that are not entertained in Dubai; in other words, the things that are not allowed to perform when you are in the United Arab Emirates.

No Drinking in Public

Arab culture is fascinating and attractive. The music and the other recreational activities are predominantly celebrated in the land of Arab. Since drinking alcohol is not an entertained aspect in the Islamic religion, the Arab greatly follows it by prohibiting the alcohol consumptions in public places. Most of the tourists commit this mistake. Without proper knowledge about the place they are going to visit, they tend to buy alcohol and drink it in the wrong places.

No Drinking

Prohibition of Drugs

The country is known for its discipline and conduct. It is one among the top 5 tourist destinations. People visit Dubai every day in huge numbers. To monitor the well-being of all the tourists, the nation is very particular and rigid with the regulations like no consumption of alcohol and other drugs. There is no legal distribution of recreational drugs. And if you are caught dealing the drug in an illegal means, then you are going to serve long tenure in UAE prison for sure.

No camping

Not even a single corner of United Arab Emirates allows you to camp in very remote places. If you are a visitor, then the situation is highly alarming because they do not let you camp since it might be very dangerous and for security reasons. There are many other places where you can camp with the permission of the higher authorities.

No picking pockets

Irrespective of the place, picking the pocket is never entertained in any part of the world. Especially in Dubai, if you are caught picking ones pocket then, assume that your entire life will be a mess. The punishments for these kinds of inconveniences are way too harsh than what you assume. Picking the pockets is highly prohibited, and even the locals cannot support to rescue you at any cost. Hence be careful with such things.

No going topless

Going topless is highly prohibited in the radius of Arabian land. No matter which gender you are, if you go shirtless, you will have to clear the place immediately. If you are a girl or women then going topless is a big No. Even in the beaches and pools, women are not supposed to go topless or half-naked in public places.

5 Things that you cannot do in Dubai
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