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Virginia Division Committees


Nominating Committee*


Purpose:  To select nominees for elected positions within the Division


Chairman: Immediate past commander


Committee members:

All Brigade Commanders

Finance Committee*

Purpose: to periodically audit the finances of the Division and to make financial recommendations to the Commander.

Chairman: Frank Earnest


Committee Members:

Everette Ellis

Relief and Welfare Committee*

Purpose: To investigate reports of member hardships and make
recommendations concerning such to the Executive Council.

Chairman: Ron Graves


Committee members:

All Brigade Commanders

Legislative Action Committee*

Purpose: Take initiatives regarding legislation on Confederate Heritage
Issues within 501(c)3 regulations.

Chairman: To be determined


Committee Members:
Fred Taylor
Brag Bowling
Jessie Binnall
Tony Lundy
Grayson Jennings 

Jefferson Davis Memorial Committee*

Purpose:  To beautify and maintain the grave of Jefferson F. Davis and
conduct a yearly memorial service in his honor.

Everette Ellis and Jim Cochran

JFD Service Coordinator:

James “Jim” H. Cochrane, Jr.

Committee Members:
David Smith          Ron Moore
Fred Chiesa          Kevin Parker

Tommy Thomas    Stanley Foster

Doug Raynor         Michael W. Cash
Tim Roach

Resolutions Committee*

Purpose: To review all submitted constitutional amendments and
resolutions and to make recommendations concerning such.

Chairman: Brandon Dorsey

Committee Members:

All Brigade Commanders

Old Dominion Voice


Purpose: to compile, edit, and publish a periodical magazine for the Virginia Division.


Editor: TBD

Oakwood Cemetery Restoration Committee

Purpose:  Improve the Confederate Section of  Oakwood Cemetery  focusing on the installation of gravemarkers.

Chairman: Edwin Ray


Committee Members:
Frank Earnest            Brag Bowling
Fred Chiesa               Lee Hart
Phillip Wood
             Darryl Starnes
Jason Colbert


C. Kelly Barrow          Doug Nash   
Bob Krick                   Michael Thomas
Steven Commier       Bruce Cloninger

Sesquicentennial Committee

Purpose: To coordinate and implement events for the 150th Anniversary of the WBTS from 2011-2015.

Chairman: Michael Shumaker


Committee Members:
Joe Lively
Jim Kurapka
Tim Roach

Museum of the Confederacy Committee

Purpose:  To maintain a close relationship with the MOC and assist with promotion and development activities of the Museum.


Chairman: Edwin Ray


Committee Members:
Frank Earnest

Mike Pullen

Patrick McSweeney
Tracy Clary

Virginia Division National Graves Award Committee

Purpose: To seek out nominations for a national award for those who have gone above and beyond in researching, identifying, marking, and recording the graves of Confederate Veterans.

Chairman: TBD


Committee Members:
Ken Fleming

Education Committee

Purpose: To promote Confederate Heritage through educational
initiatives and recommendations of literary materials.

Chairman: TBD


Committee Members:


Virginia Division Heritage Defense Coordination Committee

Purpose: To receive and coordinate all complaints of heritage violations.

Chairman: Ken Parsons


Committee Members:

Mike Pullen

John Henry Taylor

Michael Virts

Ron Graves

Tommy thomas


 * Standing Committee defined by Virginia Division Constitution


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